Office Chairs & Seating

Office chairs are a loyal companion. A good or bad office chair makes all the difference in your productivity. An uncomfortable chair will make you irritable and your mind will be elsewhere other than the job at hand. Depending on the type of office or environment you work in will determine which type of office chairs will be best suitable. The last thing you need is to be to high to reaching awkwardly for your desk. This is not only affecting your work but could lead to potential health problems such as, back shoulders or neck pain. Office chairs should be most importantly comfortable and designed for the job.

The Office Furniture Place supply seating for a range of environments including ergonomic offices chairs, executive office chairs, chairs for reception areas and cafe and bistro areas. With so much choice, we think you'll be in need of a sit down! Search online or visit our showrooms in Chester and Stoke on Trent.